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Kristin Haight

Kristin Haight

Operations Associate

I'm Kristin Haight and I'm married to the founder of Valiant Wealth Management. I've been involved in the business since Levi began it. My role has been a supporting partner, sounding board for his zany ideas, and the lead listener for all of his stories. (Yes, he shares them with me before trying them with clients.) I graduated from Grand Valley State University and then went to graduate school for a masters in Education in counseling. Like many things in life, plans change as life presents itself. Between Levi entering the financial industry and expecting our first child, I changed my focus to my family first and foremost. Four kids later, as a full-time wife and mother, I feel like I've earned my "Ph.D." in family management. I'm still involved in the business, just not daily as in the beginning. I love being involved behind the scenes and I love the fact that my husband truly loves what he does!

Getting to Know Kristin

Favorite food: Goodness that's a hard one. Two of my favorites are homemade chocolate chip cookie and my mom's homemade Wienerschnitzel.

Favorite quote: I don't want this quote to sound the wrong way, so let me explain it first. I grew up with a learning disability, so I struggled a lot with learning. I came across this quote in college and it helped me embrace being a different type of learner.

"You laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at you because you're all the same."

Best piece of Financial advice received: Don't spend what you don't have.

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite movie/TV Show: I know this is a weird mix but Sound of Music and Yellowstone.

Hidden talent: I'm told I must like chaos, since I have four (well really five!) children, two dogs and four cats (don't worry three are barn cats!). So I guess my hidden talent is embracing chaos and seeing it as another adventure in life!

If I could meet anyone past or present, it would be: Jesus

What motivates me: My family

Place I would most like to visit: I would love to travel to The Holy Land to see first hand where the stories of the bible take place.

Favorite book: The Bible

Something on a bucket list: Two things come to mind. First to take my children to Washington D.C. so they can have a hands on experience learning about our U.S. history, and I'd also like to take a land and cruise-based running trip, where you get to explore different places around the world while running or walking along planned out routes that give you the opportunity to learn about the country your in.

Biggest accomplishment: Having four children that are such a blessing from God and having the opportunity to raise them up to be adults.

Favorite thing to do when not at work: I enjoy spending time with my family and running