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Kathy Kooienga

Kathy Kooienga

Director of Operations

Hi, my name is Kathy and I would love to tell you a story about my earliest memory, but Levi says my memory is fuzzy, due to my "advanced" age! I'm chuckling over that one! So... Perhaps you can tell from the previous statement, that humor is important to me.

I truly believe in our office motto of the five "F's"... Faith, Family, Financial Planning, Fitness, and Fun! I have been with Valiant Wealth Management for a little over a year now. My pervious experiences in life were in the health field and administration. I have owned and operated several businesses and gained valuable experience that has prepared me for working with a wide variation of people in life, and I love people! I firmly believe in a positive frame of mind.

I am blessed to have 2 great sons and "daughters" -in laws and 2 wonderful grandchildren, Ashby and Elliott, who are the apple of my eye and I am in Love! When I'm not at the office, I am very involved in my family's lives, my church, and my friends. As the "Mom" of the office, I can honestly say that I am so blessed to be surrounded by a group of dedicated, honest, and hardworking individuals who believe in always doing what's right! Life is Good!

Getting to Know Kathy

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Quote: "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

Best Piece of Financial Advice Received: Save your money - but don't wait until you retire to experience life!

Favorite Holiday: Hands down...Christmas - love the Christmas spirit and wish it could be in force all year long!

Favorite movie: No favorite

Hidden talent: Hmmmm...making something out of nothing, on a shoe string - enjoy being creative

If I could meet anyone past or present, it would be: GOD

What motivates me: self motivated to be the best I can be

Place I would most like to visit: Hawaii

Favorite book: Bible

Something on my bucket list: Take my family on a cruise

Biggest professional accomplishment: successfully building, owning, and operating 2 different businesses for 18 years

Biggest personal accomplishment: Raising two fine and successful sons - successful in all the ways that count!

Favorite thing to do when not at work: spend time with grandkids and "the fam"